Monday, January 27, 2020

Death lessons!

What a week this has been… Damn! I just need a moment to spit it all out on paper.
So, about a month ago, I met a man who was also fighting a brain tumor. He came by with his wife to pick up something I arranged for him. Such beautiful and kind people. 4 days ago his wife sent me a sad message that he didn’t make it… Although I saw him just once in my life, it made such a big impact on me. It all happened so fast, you don’t even have time to grasp the fine line between life and death. Maybe you don’t even want to. He left a beautiful wife and two little kids behind… My heart goes out to them.  

Then yesterday, the whole world lost a legend, Kobe Bryant. Such an inspiration as a sportsman, dedicated father and kind soul. He took his little girl with him, but left other three and his wife behind. So you see, the death is always lurking and maybe just a few breaths ahead of you. You can have an illness or be the most healthy, young, rich and famous… Death doesn’t care. It can take you any second.

So why are we always waiting for something or someone to be happy? How are we spending our time? Postponing our plans and dreams. Saving stuff for special occasions. Settling for less than we want or deserve. Stressing about stupid things. Judging. Blaming. Wasting time. Competing. OMG, the competing... Who’s making more money? Who’s taking better selfies? What bitches wear longer fake lashes and what assholes are better at being assholes? 

How ‘bout we compete with our past selves? Have you learned something new? Gained some new perspective? Have you helped someone? Have you done something for other people, animals, environment, kids? The sick and the poor? Have you pulled your stupid head out of your ass and looked around for one second? Have you inspired or motivated anyone? Have you stopped being so self-absorbed and done anything that people would actually applaud and appreciate when the death comes for you?

It’s not about how many people would mourn you, because, let’s be honest, life goes on and so does the mourning. But will they remember your deeds, your words, your kindness, your example? Will they ever think of you in their own life struggles and gain hope and strength because of something you've said or done that kept lingering in their mind?

So, while you’re still here, tell people you love them. Support strangers who are trying. Offer your hand, your smile. Give a random compliment just to make someone’s day better. Like the damn selfie of an insecure girl who only has two likes, which of course says absolutely nothing about her, but she thinks it does. Pet a dog. Help an elderly. Listen...truly listen, you might learn something new. Be kind and remember: It's the good people who do nothing that make the bad guys win! 


Art <3