Friday, September 28, 2018

How I manifested my new home

I just moved into my new home, which I 100% believe I manifested myself and I couldn’t be happier. The way this all played out is pretty amazing, so I had to share my story… I hope it will inspire and motivate you to do the work and also start manifesting amazing things in your life!

I wanted to move for some time and I knew exactly what I wanted. An awesome new house, with a back yard in a beautiful, safe and peaceful neighborhood. Comfortable, but affordable. You hear often: you can’t have it ALL, but I wouldn’t settle for less. When you believe that you are the creator of your own reality, you can manifest anything. I still struggle with unconscious beliefs that keep me from manifesting, but this one went easy and I know why. I didn’t HAVE to move. I was already happy where I was. There was no NEED, there was no desperation.

On January 1st 2018, I wrote 5 things that I wanted to accomplish in 2018. One of the 5 was ‘to move’. I even joked that we would celebrate the next New Year in my new house. I acted as if I knew for sure that this would happen. I was already looking for new interior ideas and thinking about how I would decorate.

In April, I started scripting. I wanted to pick one topic, which wasn’t loaded with strong desire and desperation and that was a new home. I wanted to test this method of manifesting and the whole ‘Law of attraction’ in general. The more you manifest, the more you believe, the more you believe, the more you manifest. This is a cycle you want to get into. So start with something not that important to you.

So what is scripting? It’s writing a story of your desires, dreams and wishes that you want to manifest in the NOW, as if they’re already accomplished. You write how happy and grateful you are for those things as if you already have them. That’s the idea of the whole scripting method. It’s about getting into the high vibration state and then, of course, letting it go. Do NOT attach the outcome to your vibration. Just let the Universe do its job and believe that it will if you butt out. If you want to know about other manifesting methods, read my past blog about it.

The odds to get a house I wanted were pretty small, but only 4 months later, I found the perfect home. The only ‘problem was’, there were 7 other candidates that wanted it. I kept my belief, but was totally fine with the idea of NOT getting it. They all pulled back for different reasons and the house was mine. That’s how the Universe works. It will rearrange situations, people and timeline to serve you. If you only believe and expect that it will. It’s fun to play this game of life and I hope you’ll get on board!


Art <3

Thursday, August 9, 2018

My manifestation methods

Everyone who's living the 'law of attraction' knows there are a lot of ways and methods you can use to manifest your desires. You have to use the ones that you feel most comfortable with. You probably have to try a bunch of them to figure out which ones work the best for you. This is different for everyone, so what works for someone else, might not work for you and vice versa.
I have to point out that it's not the method that isn't working, but it's always your vibes and beliefs about it that block you from manifesting.

For me, affirmations and 'acting as if' are the best ones. Affirmations because you're reprogramming your beliefs, which are the most important in the whole process. What is a belief? Just something you've heard and repeated enough times for your mind to accept as the truth. When you're aware of this you can consciously choose your affirmations to change your beliefs and let them work in your favor, because what you really believe deep down is what will manifest in your reality.

'Acting as if' is also the perfect way to get aligned with the frequency of your desire and that way 'attract' the desired reality. I use the quotation marks when I write 'attract' , because we all know by now that you're not attracting anything to you (because the reality you want already exists), but you're aligning with that reality. The most important thing in all of this is of course the way you feel. You don't really 'act as if', but you have to 'feel as if'. How would you feel if you would live the reality that you want? Hold onto that feeling as long as you can, without wondering when and how it's going to happen, because when you really believe in something and you don't doubt it, that means you expect it to happen and don't have to wonder when and how. You know it's coming and just feel that anticipation.

There's another method that I recently discovered. Actually, I knew the method, but didn't know it has an official name: scripting! Also, a great way to raise your vibration and manifest the things you want. It's 'acting as if' on paper. You write everything you want in present tense, as if it's already happening now, but always linking your emotion to it. When you write about what you 'have' (desire), you write how you feel about it. For example, if you desire a specific job, you'd write: "I feel happy, proud and accomplished when I go to my dream job. It doesn't feel like a job, because I love doing it. This job that I've dreamed about for so long makes me feel confident and independent..." etc. You're literally scripting your life and creating your future.

And last on my list, but definitely not least: gratitude! You have to be grateful for everything that you already have. Grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. Always, always keep your focus on the things you have and are grateful for. When you're grateful, you can't feel negative emotions. Gratitude always gives you an opportunity to escape negative thoughts. Whenever you feel down for whatever reason, bring your focus back on gratitude.

So there you have it: MY list of manifestation methods that work for ME. There are many more and you can look them up on the internet. Be curious, try them out and have fun. When you find the ones that work for you, practice to make them a habit in your daily life. Your life will change completely.

Much love,

Art <3

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Life is nothing without passion!

Opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Opposite of success is not failure, it’s indifference. Opposite of knowledge is not ignorance, it’s indifference. Opposite of beautiful is not ugly, it’s indifference. If you ask me, indifference is the WORST possible personality trait. That doesn’t sound very ‘spiritual’, but OMG, I can’t stand indifference. Mostly because I don’t really believe it. It’s fake and dishonest.

You know those people who never really get hot or cold about anything. Always kind of ‘aight’. Always under control, always grounded. People who never get SUPER happy or SUPER sad. People who are always ‘fine’. But what does ‘fine’ really mean? If you’re just fine with your job and fine with your relationship and fine with your life, you are NOT fine! Fine is not good enough. Fine is mediocre. Fine is settling. Fine is lazy. Fine is being dead, because dead people are fine. No problems, no possessions, no challenges, no feelings… JUST FINE!
People settle all the time. I don’t like my job, but I’m fine. My partner does not give me what I want or need, but we’re fine. I want more time for myself, but it’s fine. I want more money, but I can pay my bills so it’s fine. Fine is an excuse to not move ahead. Fine is a mask that covers up your pain and frustration. You don’t want to be fine. You want to be excited and happy and pinching yourself because your life is so damn awesome that you feel like you’re dreaming. And when something bad happens, you don’t want to be fine either. You want to be angry and sad and scream it all out. You absolutely don’t want to stay in that state, but you have to feel it and experience it, to be able to let it go and move on. Otherwise, you’ll just be fine…
Why is it so hard for people to express themselves? What is it that makes them feel that ‘fine’ is the top of the scale? When did they lose that childlike joy? It makes me sad to see people who are taken over by their jobs, partners, kids, responsibilities. People who are taken over by life. There’s so much more than fine. You don’t owe yourself to anyone and you are not put here to feel anything less than extraordinary.

Your passion matters, for it will lead you to your purpose! You probably heard this a million times, but you ignore it because you believe that your time is yet to come. Someday. In the future. When you’re done with your everyday responsibilities and other people’s needs. When you’re less busy. When you have more time. And money. And energy. Don’t you know that that time will never come? Your time is NOW. Your dreams matter now. Your desires matter now. Your needs matter now. You matter NOW!
So let’s talk passion!  Have you forgotten about it? That strong and uncontrollable feeling that sets your soul on fire! Remember? That feeling of not only butterflies in your gut, but the whole damn zoo! When you think about it, it’s like you’re floating. So what is it? I’m not talking about people! I’m not talking about soul mates or your kids! I’m talking about YOU! Your dreams, your desires. Things that make you feel pure ecstasy. Things that define your soul. Things that connect you with the whole universe, because in that very moment, you can feel that you’re the extension of it. PASSION. Pure and raw and honest. That, my dear, is life itself. Find it, feel it, live it!

Love, Art <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spiritual beauty!

Like the most of us, I’m often watching videos on YouTube, mostly searching to learn something new. I came across this girl who was vlogging about spirituality. She was answering her viewer’s questions and she was asked about her thoughts on spirituality and physical appearance. Apparently, there are (a lot of) people who think that spirituality and caring about how you look don’t really go together. After all, if you’re ‘spiritual’, it’s all about the inside and not the outside. If you’re becoming your higher self, there is no place for superficial things like our mortal ‘shell’ we call our body… right? Being a total make-up freak and fashion lover myself, this is how I see it:

We can all agree by now that we’re all ONE. We are all equal and coming from the same source of energy. Yet we live in this material and physical world. That is our reality in the NOW. We have all these ‘things’ we get to use in this lifetime on earth. Does that mean we shouldn’t be using them, because we’re more than our physical selves? Of course not! The point of being here on earth is to experience everything that this world offers. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience. What is a human experience? Everything you get to experience with your 5 senses. Isn’t that the greatest gift and the whole point of existing in this reality?

So we have our bodies to experience in all kinds of different ways. One of them is to make it look a certain way. Like an avatar in a videogame. We have clothes and make-up and shoes and jewelry and hairdo’s and colors and fabrics and materials that we can freely use to play and experiment with, enjoy, create and experience. Isn’t that the highest expression of your humanly existence? It’s not hiding or changing yourself like the most people perceive this. It’s enjoying all different sides of yourself.

It’s like having a house that you get to paint in different colors and decorate it with different objects. You have all these different styles that you get to choose from and make it your ‘own’. It reflects who you are. If you get bored with it, you try something else, buy something new and redecorate it. Maybe change your wall color or replace your country kitchen with a modern one. Why is it ok to make your home ‘pretty’ and not your body? It’s simply expressing who you are and how you feel. It’s about being creative.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong or ‘unspiritual’ with taking care of your appearance. You’re not any less spiritual if you also look good and take care of yourself.  Even if you change something about yourself, it doesn’t make you less ‘you’. It’s just another possibility of you. Like losing and gaining weight or changing your hair color. It’s still you in another form. If people perceive you as an unspiritual airhead because you look a certain way, know they’re much further away from spirituality than they even realize. Being spiritual also means minding your own business.

You have one body and one face. Embrace it, enjoy it, be creative with it, love it! It’s the only thing that makes you unique and different. It’s the only thing that will carry you ‘till the last moment of this human experience. Cherish it!

<3 Art