Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spiritual beauty!

Like the most of us, I’m often watching videos on YouTube, mostly searching to learn something new. I came across this girl who was vlogging about spirituality. She was answering her viewer’s questions and she was asked about her thoughts on spirituality and physical appearance. Apparently, there are (a lot of) people who think that spirituality and caring about how you look don’t really go together. After all, if you’re ‘spiritual’, it’s all about the inside and not the outside. If you’re becoming your higher self, there is no place for superficial things like our mortal ‘shell’ we call our body… right? Being a total make-up freak and fashion lover myself, this is how I see it:

We can all agree by now that we’re all ONE. We are all equal and coming from the same source of energy. Yet we live in this material and physical world. That is our reality in the NOW. We have all these ‘things’ we get to use in this lifetime on earth. Does that mean we shouldn’t be using them, because we’re more than our physical selves? Of course not! The point of being here on earth is to experience everything that this world offers. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience. What is a human experience? Everything you get to experience with your 5 senses. Isn’t that the greatest gift and the whole point of existing in this reality?

So we have our bodies to experience in all kinds of different ways. One of them is to make it look a certain way. Like an avatar in a videogame. We have clothes and make-up and shoes and jewelry and hairdo’s and colors and fabrics and materials that we can freely use to play and experiment with, enjoy, create and experience. Isn’t that the highest expression of your humanly existence? It’s not hiding or changing yourself like the most people perceive this. It’s enjoying all different sides of yourself.

It’s like having a house that you get to paint in different colors and decorate it with different objects. You have all these different styles that you get to choose from and make it your ‘own’. It reflects who you are. If you get bored with it, you try something else, buy something new and redecorate it. Maybe change your wall color or replace your country kitchen with a modern one. Why is it ok to make your home ‘pretty’ and not your body? It’s simply expressing who you are and how you feel. It’s about being creative.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong or ‘unspiritual’ with taking care of your appearance. You’re not any less spiritual if you also look good and take care of yourself.  Even if you change something about yourself, it doesn’t make you less ‘you’. It’s just another possibility of you. Like losing and gaining weight or changing your hair color. It’s still you in another form. If people perceive you as an unspiritual airhead because you look a certain way, know they’re much further away from spirituality than they even realize. Being spiritual also means minding your own business.

You have one body and one face. Embrace it, enjoy it, be creative with it, love it! It’s the only thing that makes you unique and different. It’s the only thing that will carry you ‘till the last moment of this human experience. Cherish it!

<3 Art

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