Thursday, August 31, 2017

Meaningless opinions!

I must say this spiritual awakening is working out pretty well for me. Looking back on the past few months, I’ve come a long way. When at first, I was just reading, listening and discussing about it, now it’s clear I’ve been living it. I feel such peace and contentment. I’m just so grateful and blissful…just really FULL. Full of life and love and light. After all the meditating, reading, thinking and learning, I’m able to keep myself on the high flying disc. Not in need of anything or anyone, just being in the flow of life. I love every little bit of who I’m becoming.

So, I’ve been playing this fun little game lately and it blew me away. I was paying attention to what other people talk about most, including myself. Here’s what I’ve found.
People who are not happy and don’t really love themselves or their lives, and sadly that’s the majority of people, talk mostly about 2 things: their problems (complaining) and other people (judging). I’ve been listening to complete strangers on the bus, on the beach, in the bar… you name it. 90% of those people talked about one or the other.

I can’t say I was surprised, but it was definitely an eye opening. Actually a mind opening. I used to care what people thought of me. Things I said, things I did. Would I hurt anyone? Would someone get mad at me? But as I was listening to these people, I realized: most of you don’t even like yourselves. You have this need to judge so you’d feel better. Your happiness relies completely on other people’s behavior. They have to act, behave and think a certain way for you to be happy. How sad is that really? If other people don’t meet your expectations, you’ll be mad and sad and not sleep and worry and hate and judge and be bitter and upset… If you have nothing else in your life to focus on, be thankful for, be happy about, be proud of, celebrate…wow! How could I possibly care about what such person thinks of me?

So I just stopped. I didn’t feel guilty anymore for having fun. For dancing and singing and drinking and laughing and painting and writing and being silly and immature and crazy and lazy. Because I’m living! Fully and completely. Not relying on anyone. Not attached to anything. Taking those steps towards all of my dreams, without fear and regret. Being mindful of my conversation with others and myself, but very well aware of my own ego popping up for a fix. It’s all a part of this beautiful journey towards your true self.

And now, after all this soul searching, aha-moments and light bulbs, this is what I know for sure:
The truth as a fact doesn’t exist. Two people can be looking at the same thing, but see completely two different things. They’re both right in their own reality, in their own truth. That’s because NOTHING has any meaning until someone gives it a meaning. Your meaning doesn’t have to be someone else’s and vice versa. Thank God for that, because that means that YOU get to choose the meaning of EVERYTHING in your life. If that’s not a gift of creating your own life, I don’t know what is.
An opinion is just a perspective, built on personal experiences, programs, trauma’s, thoughts and feelings. That means that an opinion is NEVER objective. Including your own. When you truly realize this, you will talk, listen and live in a completely new way... and you will love it! And as for me: oh, sweet freedom of other people’s opinions!


Art <3

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