Friday, April 7, 2017

Signs on the road!

Someone once told me: “The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.” In the midst of maintaining my sanity, although I heard that, I wasn’t ready to truly live it. I flew to the wrong direction, navigated by fear. Universe has a funny way of creating situations and sending signs on our way to deliver us important messages. Sadly, we’re not always ready to receive it or we simply miss it by thinking that everything is a coincidence. It’s not and you need to pay attention.

We now know that there’s no such thing as ‘negative’ emotions, just emotions of low vibration. We call them contrasts. When you reach a deeper understanding of this, you’ll realize that contrast is a part of creation. It’s just information. It’s an alarm going off for you to pay attention. It’s an arrow pointing to the opposite direction, because if you feel bad, you’re going the wrong way. It’s a sign that you are not in an alignment with who you truly are. Unfortunately, the ego will always try to convince you otherwise. Anytime you find an excuse or an explanation of why you feel bad, it’s your ego speaking. When you learn to silence your ego and just follow the directions your emotions are showing you, the right path will unfold and it will lead you where you want to be.

The universe is sending us signs all the time. Everything you see, hear, touch, sense, taste and feel is telling you something. It’s always information you need, to get where you want to be. Whenever something “bad” happens, you can have an opinion about it, judge it, reject it, be upset or sad about it, but what you really need to ask yourself instead is: what is this here to teach me? What sign, what message, what information is this providing for me to get ahead? When you train your mind to think like this, all “bad” things will disappear. You’ll change your perspective on it and realize there is no such thing as a “bad thing”, just information you ALWAYS benefit from.

People will do anything to avoid bad stuff from happening. We’ve been trained and warned from birth that bad things happen and we should be afraid. All the things that could possibly go wrong, it’s all we think about and trying to avoid. Not realizing 2 things: we think about “bad” things, therefore we attract them and “bad” things are not really bad. We’re more afraid of the fear itself, than the very thing we think we’re afraid of. We’re not afraid of ‘the thing’, we’re afraid of what comes next: judgment, disappointment, rejection, FAILURE!  

You really have a simple job in this life: relax, feel good and follow the signs given to you. Fear is an illusion. Just like reality. Reality is in the eye of the beholder. Choose yours!

Have a great weekend!

Art <3

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