Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Life is nothing without passion!

Opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Opposite of success is not failure, it’s indifference. Opposite of knowledge is not ignorance, it’s indifference. Opposite of beautiful is not ugly, it’s indifference. If you ask me, indifference is the WORST possible personality trait. That doesn’t sound very ‘spiritual’, but OMG, I can’t stand indifference. Mostly because I don’t really believe it. It’s fake and dishonest.

You know those people who never really get hot or cold about anything. Always kind of ‘aight’. Always under control, always grounded. People who never get SUPER happy or SUPER sad. People who are always ‘fine’. But what does ‘fine’ really mean? If you’re just fine with your job and fine with your relationship and fine with your life, you are NOT fine! Fine is not good enough. Fine is mediocre. Fine is settling. Fine is lazy. Fine is being dead, because dead people are fine. No problems, no possessions, no challenges, no feelings… JUST FINE!
People settle all the time. I don’t like my job, but I’m fine. My partner does not give me what I want or need, but we’re fine. I want more time for myself, but it’s fine. I want more money, but I can pay my bills so it’s fine. Fine is an excuse to not move ahead. Fine is a mask that covers up your pain and frustration. You don’t want to be fine. You want to be excited and happy and pinching yourself because your life is so damn awesome that you feel like you’re dreaming. And when something bad happens, you don’t want to be fine either. You want to be angry and sad and scream it all out. You absolutely don’t want to stay in that state, but you have to feel it and experience it, to be able to let it go and move on. Otherwise, you’ll just be fine…
Why is it so hard for people to express themselves? What is it that makes them feel that ‘fine’ is the top of the scale? When did they lose that childlike joy? It makes me sad to see people who are taken over by their jobs, partners, kids, responsibilities. People who are taken over by life. There’s so much more than fine. You don’t owe yourself to anyone and you are not put here to feel anything less than extraordinary.

Your passion matters, for it will lead you to your purpose! You probably heard this a million times, but you ignore it because you believe that your time is yet to come. Someday. In the future. When you’re done with your everyday responsibilities and other people’s needs. When you’re less busy. When you have more time. And money. And energy. Don’t you know that that time will never come? Your time is NOW. Your dreams matter now. Your desires matter now. Your needs matter now. You matter NOW!
So let’s talk passion!  Have you forgotten about it? That strong and uncontrollable feeling that sets your soul on fire! Remember? That feeling of not only butterflies in your gut, but the whole damn zoo! When you think about it, it’s like you’re floating. So what is it? I’m not talking about people! I’m not talking about soul mates or your kids! I’m talking about YOU! Your dreams, your desires. Things that make you feel pure ecstasy. Things that define your soul. Things that connect you with the whole universe, because in that very moment, you can feel that you’re the extension of it. PASSION. Pure and raw and honest. That, my dear, is life itself. Find it, feel it, live it!

Love, Art <3

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