Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Believe it. It's coming!

Listening to Abraham Hicks almost every day, I now get that our only job is to keep our vibrations high as often as possible. That takes a lot of practice and understanding. We’re here merely to experience, so even if you’re going through some tough times, the best thing to do is to sit with it and realize it’s just a contrast that you can turn into something valuable. At times of contrast, you rocket a desire for something better. Without it, we wouldn’t really know what we want. It’s there to serve you.

When you’re aware of this, it all begins to make much more sense. Some time ago, I experienced a situation where I was yelled at, but I was so aware of the moment that I handled it much differently than I normally would. At that moment, instead of yelling back or defending myself, an image popped in my head: someone was talking to me in the most calm and respectful way and made me laugh. I couldn’t help but smile. I realized that this was the whole point of “bad” situations. It’s not a lessen or a punishment. It’s just a chance to ask for something different.

You can use pleasant memories or imagine anything you’d like, as long as it gives you a sensation of joy. You become aware of how you want to feel and what kind of situations and people you want to be surrounded by. The moment you realize this, it will change your life. You’ll start to see every contrast as a tool and feel differently about it. It will get you to the next level and closer to where you want to be.

Do whatever you can to keep your vibrations high. Practice this on a daily basis and each time, the feeling will last longer. Focus on the good. Be aware of everything you’re grateful for. Think about it. Be happy about it. Do things that make you feel good, whatever that might be to you. From listening to music and dancing to simply enjoying a delicious lunch. Be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Appreciate things and people you have. Laugh.    

So here's a quick rampage to get your vibes up, at least for today:

You’re safe. You’re always on the right path. There are no mistakes and no coincidences. Universe is always working out for you. You’re the one giving it all the directions. Everything you ever asked for is already there. You already have all of it. You just have to tune in. Don’t doubt, don’t second guess, don’t obsess about it. If it’s not coming, it means you’re focused on the lack of it. Let it go and trust that it’s coming. Because it is. It’s done and it’s coming. You’re pregnant with all of your desires. You just have to give birth. Don’t let your mind and logic stand in the way. You don’t have to know HOW something will happen, just believe that it will. HOW is not you concern. The Universe will always find a way and put everything into order to serve you. It will create situations, “coincidences” and perfect timings. It will send you the signs, the right people and co-creators to get you exactly where you want to be. It can’t be other way. There are no exceptions. If you get in tune with a feeling of anticipation and get excited about it with a conviction that it’s coming, you’ll witness it in your physical reality. Believe it. It’s coming!

Have a great week!

Art <3

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