Monday, February 20, 2017

Six human needs

Every day, we make choices based on our thoughts, feelings and habits we’ve created along the way. Every second, we’re following certain paths that create our destiny. What drives us to do or not do certain things? What is the deeper motivation for all of our decisions that shape our lives?

There are 6 human needs, we all long for. These are not just wishes or desires, but psychological needs, which we all, mostly unconsciously, try to satisfy all the time. They’re the deepest motivations for our daily choices. If these needs are being fulfilled on a higher level, we feel overall happy and content and if they’re not, well, we feel the opposite. Because this process usually happens unconsciously, sometimes you don’t even know why you feel the way you feel. On the surface, your life can seem perfectly fine, but you can still feel some unease or restlessness. It’s hard to satisfy all of these needs all the time, but if you know what they are, you can be more aware of the things you’re doing and why. Maybe you can find other, more practical ways to satisfy those needs or simply change your view on them.

So what are these 6 needs we all crave to fulfill?


  1. Certainty: we need comfort and certainty, to reduce the stress of uncertainty. We need to feel safe.
  2. Uncertainty: we need variety and a bit of uncertainty, to escape the daily routine and boredom. We need excitement.
  3. Significance: we need to feel important and meaningful. We need a sense of identity and uniqueness. We need to feel special.
  4. Connection: we need to make and have a deeper connection with people. We need to love and to be loved.
  5. Growth: We need knowledge, experience and mental, emotional and spiritual growth in different aspects of our lives. We need progress.
  6. Contribution: we need to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We need to add worth to other people’s lives. We need to give.
So there you go. These are the 6 human needs that all of your decisions are based upon. Every time you make a decision, your intention is to fulfill one of these needs.
Now let me get back to the Law of Attraction, so we can make an important point. Most people are focused on the lack of these needs. They’re alarmed when they’re not getting something. What’s maybe even more important is that we often expect to get these things from other people and when we don’t, we feel even worse.
On the other hand, we take for granted and forget about the needs that ARE fulfilled. That creates a lack of gratitude, which is the fastest killer of your high vibrations and therefore the biggest obstacle on your way of creating. When you truly understand this pattern, you can change it. Redirect your focus on things that are going well and get your attention off the things that are not going so well. Believe that everything will fall into place, as soon as you get your vibes high and keep them there.

It’s not about faking your feelings by any means, nor is it neglecting your issues. It’s understanding that your emotions, therefore the way you feel, determine your outcome. Focusing on the things that are good in your life and things you’re grateful for will provide those emotions, resolving the things that are not so good. When you feel good, you’ll come up with ideas and solutions, you’ll meet the right people, create the right situations and see opportunities, you’d not see otherwise. Problems and solutions have different frequency, so you can’t find a solution, if you’re on the frequency of a problem.

I’m gonna wrap it up by reminding you to think about things you’re grateful for and just feel good about that for a while. You’ll witness miracles!
Have a great week!
Art <3

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