Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fill your cup!

Two days ago I saw a 72 year old lady who didn’t look a day older than 50. She still hasn’t left my mind. Honestly, the first thing I thought was: “Well hello there, my future self!” I couldn’t help but smile at her, thinking: ”Wow, you look so fabulous and my respect is deep!” She smiled back as if she heard my thoughts. I was impressed with the way she carried herself. She was very well dressed, her make-up was spotless and you could see that she was taking care of herself. You can’t fake that kind of commitment.

There’s no one that can convince me that looks don’t matter, simply because you can see people’s habits on the outside. So it’s not really about looks, it’s exactly opposite. I can see if you’re working out 5 times a week, once a week or never. I can see if you’re smoking and eating junk. People are reflecting on the outside who they are on the inside. It’s really not about judgment or being superficial. I’m often misunderstood when I talk about this. It just says a lot about who you are and what your priorities are. You communicate that with your whole being. I don't have to know you to see if you're athletic, depressed, successful or stressed. It really shows all of it without you saying a word.

I’m a strong believer that if you don’t take care of yourself FIRST, you have absolutely nothing to give to someone else. So if you think that you’re being the best caregiver that God has ever made, because you’re always taking care of other people, you’re anything but that. It’s really true when they say: “You can’t pour from an empty cup!”

So, let’s talk about what most of you are thinking right now: “But I don’t have time!” The most used excuse of all times and the most untrue of course. See, all people in the world have exactly the same amount of hours in one day. The difference in their lives is how they choose to spend them. People say: “You don’t understand, I have a job and 2 kids and really, really, really no time left!” Well, I say: “There are people working 2 jobs, have 4 kids and still find the time!” Again, it’s not about having time, it’s about making time.

I juggle between my job, housekeeping, my son, gym and studying. Besides that, I always try to look my best and I still get to watch movies, listen to music, write, paint, read and spend time with friends. Of course I don’t always get everything done perfectly, but I still try to find balance between making time for myself and everything else. Of course, I have it easy because I ‘only’ have one kid and that’s so much different than having 2. Sure, I know, because that fact somehow makes you a ‘real’ full-time parent and I’m just a part-time parent. Excuses make me sarcastic, I’m sorry... :D So anyway, when people tell you they don’t have time for something or for you, just know that you’re simply not on their priority list. No bad feelings, just always know the difference between those who check on you in their free time and those who free their time to check on you.

Set your priorities straight! Write them down, make a plan and smash them. It’s really that simple. My priorities are personal growth, taking care of myself, being healthy physically and mentally, simply because I’m planning to stick around for quite some time. I want to be an example to my one and only son, leaving some importance in his life and possibly others I get to meet on this journey of existence and all of this looking fabulous and in heels!

I’ll leave you now to take a moment and think about what your priorities are and why. Do you wanna feel and look 50 when you’re 72? I do!

Have a great rest of the week!

Art <3    

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