Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get your vibration on!

Lately, I’m all about happiness. When I truly understood that happiness has NOTHING to do with external events, situations, circumstances, people and things, I could feel true happiness. It’s so liberating that I want to share this with people. If everyone could feel this way, what a world would we live in? This doesn’t mean that I never get sad, angry or frustrated. It just means that I’ve gotten better in not staying in that state. When you realize that emotions are just low and high vibrations that are helping you on the way to get what you want, my God, the whole universe opens up to serve you.

So let me break this down for you real quick. There are no negative and positive emotions, although we call them that to give them a meaning. Emotions are energy. It’s the way the Universe (higher self, God, whatever you want to call it) speaks to us. It’s really simple. When you experience emotions of high vibrations (happy, excited, grateful, kind, giving, caring), the Universe is telling you that you’re on the right path. Keep going and I’ll send you more things to be happy about, to feel grateful for and so on.
When you experience emotions of low vibration (anger, sadness, frustration, hate, resentment), theUniverse is telling you that you’re not on the right path. Turn around, you’re going the wrong way! If you keep going, I will send you more things to be angry about, sad about and so on. Eventually, I’ll even make you sick to wake you up.

This is not Universe being bad, this is not Universe punishing us. Universe doesn’t know good or bad, it doesn’t know what you want or don’t want. All that it’s doing is sending you back what you’re vibrating. It only knows answer YES. If you vibrate happiness and love, it will respond: “YES, so will it be! Here’s more of it!” If you vibrate sadness and anger, it will also respond: “YES, so will it be! Here’s more of it!”

So there is your superpower. You get to decide what you vibrate. Again, you see how powerful your thoughts are, for they produce your emotions, that produce vibration, that attracts more of that. If you worry, because you don’t have money, and your focus is on the lack of money, you vibrate frequency of ‘no money’, guess what you’ll get? No money!

So, can you attract specific things into your life? Yes, you can! You have to think about what you want, but FEEL as if you already have it. That way, you will align your vibration with the vibration of the reality that you want. Every doubt, uncertainty and fear will block this vibration (lower it). So it’s not really thoughts that create our reality, but our emotions. Thoughts are just tools to help you get specific emotions and you want them to be of high frequency. If you think about what you want, but your vibration is a ‘lack of it’, the universe will respond: “YES, here is lack of that what you want.”

Your ‘logical’ mind and your ego will try to prevent you from feeling like this. They’ll say: HOW? How are you going to get this, accomplish this, make this happen? They can’t think beyond logic and that’s what makes them limited. They’ll pull you to the lower vibration of fear and doubt and they’ll block you from getting what you want. Your spirit, your vibration has unlimited power, because it goes beyond logic. So this is kind of a “Fake it, ‘till you make it” method and it really works. Don’t wonder HOW something will happen, because I promise you, the Universe will respond to your vibration and it will perfectly align situations, people and ways to get you there. The most unexpected things will fall into place to serve you. All you have to do is believe and hold your vibration high!
This state of high vibration, where all of your dreams already are reality, is called Vortex. You can’t be in the Vortex all the time, but if you reach a momentum of that state on a regular basis, your dreams and wishes will manifest in your physical reality.

Focus on the good things in your life. Be grateful. Give attention only to good things, because energy flows where attention goes. Keep your vibes high and watch your life change!

Try this! It’s a game of life and it’s fun to play!

Have a great week!

Art <3

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