Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello 2017!

New Year, new resolutions!

I can imagine that the calendar gives a lot of people a sense of a new beginning, so it seems like the perfect time to start something new, quit bad habits and change something you've been wanting, but it just wasn't a convenient time (it never really is!) 

Too bad that 95% of people flush their resolutions down the toilet after 2 weeks. About January 15th, it's over and done with the resolutions. Why is that and what does it take to make it through?

First, you have to realize that change is not what we strive for. Change is constant and inevitable. What we really strive for is progress. So when you make a resolution, it has to provide you some progress. It has to be so exciting, so compelling, so attractive that it will PULL you towards it, instead of that you have to PUSH yourself to reach it. PUSH requires willpower and sooner or later, willpower will fail you. PULL is energy that will get you through times when you want to give up.

So let me take you through 3 steps you'll need to reach your goals.

Step 1 is VISION: You have to have vision of what you want. Not what you "kind of" or "maybe" want. What do you really want?? What makes you get up in the morning? What keeps you awake at night? Be as specific as you can and write it down! For example, instead of "I want to lose some weight", write: "I want to lose 10 kg by March 31st". Set an exact number and give yourself a deadline. See yourself already there. Envision yourself in that state. Feel what it would feel like at that finish line!

Step 2 is REASON: You have to have strong enough reason why you want this. What is the REAL reason? It's never the goal itself. It's always the FEELING that it will give you. People don't want a house; they want a feeling of security. People don't want a fast car; they want status. People don't want to lose weight; they want to feel attractive or healthy. There is some feeling you're after. People try to fill their void with things, but that works only for a moment. Be honest! What is the real reason and will it pull you?

Step 3 is REVIEW: You got to review it and feel it every day! You need to think about it and you have to already be there in your mind. Turn your 'should' into 'must'. People don't do what they 'should', but they always do what they 'must'. Raise your standards! Change the story you're telling yourself that keeps you from getting what you want. If you want to quit smoking, but your story is "I've been a smoker my whole life", you will never quit. If you want to lose weight, but your story is "I've tried everything, I'm just big-boned", you'll never lose weight. You're not big-boned, you're fat and lazy! Your story should be: I'm athletic, attractive and healthy! If that's your story and your standard, you'll find a way to make it happen.

So, there you go! Have a vision that's compelling, strong enough reason and tell a story that will get you there, but feel as if you're already there!

May this year be full of success and happiness!

Art <3

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